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(520) 500-9009


943 E. University Blvd #125


Man, Meat, Fire and Smoke. An ancient culinary technique, primal in nature, yet, an art-form that is tough to master. Thus is the mystique that is barbecue. Barbecue is pure Americana; with flavors, styles and ingredients that vary from state to state, city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood all across the country.

Now take an accomplished chef and restaurateur with a passion for locality and a talent for low and slow, smoke cooking, with the thought of a color stuck in his head. That’s how you get Red’s Smokehouse and Tap Room. Yes, red! The color of fire, the University of Arizona, barbecue sauce, America… and coincidentally enough, the color of our Myron Mixon Smoker and the name of a rancher family friend.

Ramiro Scavo, Executive Chef-owner of Red’s Smokehouse and Tap Room, brings the flavors of the Old Pueblo in their quality meats, smoked low and slow over the fire, to Tucson’s University Blvd. This “Tucson Style BBQ,” coupled with a locally focused beer program, touting 20 taps and over 100 bottles and cans, a full bar with a unique craft cocktail menu, sports on our many TVs, and loud, eclectic mix of music in a hip atmosphere is what Red’s Smokehouse and Tap Room is all about.